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My Search for THE Perfect Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress 4
Dress – Ines Di Santo, Shoes – Manolo Blahnik (custom made), Headpiece – Monique Lhuillier

When I set out to find my wedding dress, I was fairly certain I knew what I wanted. My husband and I had been admiring the low back mermaid dresses of designers like Galia Lahav for a while and I was pretty certain that was the direction I would go in. I am an extremely decisive person, especially when it comes to design, and I figured picking out a wedding dress would be a breeze. I was wrong. So wrong. We started at Galia Lahav and the backs of the dresses were as stunning in person as they were in pictures, but the front of the dress didn’t feel right for me. With mom (and sometimes entourage) in tow, we went to almost every bridal salon in the Los Angeles area. The more dresses I tried on, the more confused I got. I felt like the dresses were pretty but I had yet to try on a dress and have that moment. I spent every waking minute that I wasn’t working, scrolling through all of the photos of the dresses I had tried on. A few weeks into the process, I went to New York for work and decided I must have the Kleinfeld’s experience. That would finally help me decide which dress I wanted to say yes to. Wrong again. I felt as though I had drawn a number at the bakery and they were just trying to move through my order to get to the next person in line. Ugggg! I needed a cocktail. Multiple cocktails and a reset button.

Nothing made sense anymore. I was now trying on every silhouette and I didn’t know which one I wanted. Then my friend Kim diagnosed the problem, she was right, I had a case of white out. I had seen too many dresses and was getting too many opinions. At the end of my week in New York, as a last ditch effort,  I decided to go by myself to Bergdorf Goodman. There, in the tiny bridal salon tucked away behind the most incredible home decor section, I fell in love. The moment I tried on my dress I gasped and all of the other dresses disappeared. I knew in my heart it was the one. It was a little more than I had thought I would spend on my dress so I didn’t immediately say yes. I went home and my mom and I went back to all of the stores that had the dresses I liked the most and I tried them all on again. I tried to rationalize them in my mind as to why they would work. It didn’t matter, this Ines Di Santo dress would always be on a pedestal and the others would be the consolation prize. My mom said I wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t get that dress and so that is what we did. Even today, I look at the dress and fall in love. I usually don’t develop emotional attachments to things but with this dress, I am forever infatuated.

THE Wedding Dress
Dream Wedding Dress 1
Dream Wedding Dress
THE Wedding Dress 6
The Wedding Dress 7

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