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Pregnancy Announcement and How I Told My Husband

Pregnancy Announcement

First I feel I owe you an explanation as to why I waited 7 months to announce my pregnancy here. There are a number of reasons, the most important one being that I started looking for a job just as I got pregnant and I didn’t want my pregnancy to prevent my opportunities of finding my next dream job. A sad situation that I’m sure many working women have grappled with in their lives for many years. I have been an independent person my entire adult life and learning to depend on someone financially has been challenging. I am used to making my own financial decisions and not thinking twice about shopping choices. Being married and pregnant without my own steady income changed all of that. This has nothing to do with my husband. He could not be more supportive. He has told me I can work or not work, as long as what I’m doing makes me happy. He doesn’t give me a hard time about shopping but I feel guilty when I haven’t earned the money myself. These are my issues that I need to deal with and I am working on it. Yes, I have been doing some consulting work on the side, but it’s different than the satisfaction of going to a job everyday that fulfills me, the way I have since I left college. This has been a true learning and growing experience for me that I know I will come out better for (though I don’t recommend it if you are fiercely independent like me and don’t have a safety net), in all honesty though it has been torture. I am someone that needs to be busy and stimulated all day and being a lady who lunches is not a goal of mine. That’s not a judgement in anyway, it’s just that I know myself and I know what makes me happy. For 7 months I have been trying to find that next role and now that I’m in my final trimester, I am coming to terms with the fact that I might have to wait. So I apologize, I always strive to be completely transparent and real with you and in this situation, I had to keep a really big secret.

How I Found Out

When we first decided to start trying, I told my husband it would take a while since it took my mother 5 years to get pregnant with her first child and because of my age. I figured I had at least a year before I would get pregnant which would give me just enough time to find a job and get settled in before I even had to deal with prenatal plans.

To say I knew right away sounds crazy but it’s true. It was our first month of trying. I was doing a consulting job for a fashion company in Downtown Los Angeles and I was so tired one day, I put a bunch of tee shirts into a pillow shaped ball and proceeded to fall asleep across some office chairs for three hours. This was not like me. I am normally go, go, go from the moment I wake up in the morning and so I knew something was off. Maybe I was getting sick? Then I was going through a green tea latte phase and anytime I had even the tiniest bit of caffeine it made me super jittery and it felt as though I was going to rocket into space. I took a test that night and learned the incredible news, I was 5 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy Update

How I Told My Husband

My husband is a huge hockey fan and I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the surprise somehow. I bought a pair of little kids hockey skates and attached a note that said “For a player to be announced in Fall 2017”  and tied it up in the laces with the positive pregnancy test (obvi this is slightly premature because even today we don’t know the sex of the baby). He plays hockey for exercise early mornings when he can make it out to the Toyota Center. Five days after I found out and the night before he left for hockey, I snuck back out into the living room after we were already in bed and tucked the adorable box with the skates below his gear in his bag.

Still blurry eyed and half asleep at 5:30 in the morning, he was unpacking in the locker room and got confused when he saw the box. He just kind of stared at it holding it in his hands, as a fellow teammate walked by and asked “What is that?” he replied in shock “I think my wife is pregnant.”

The First Trimester


My first trimester was fairly easy. I say that feeling very blessed because I have friends who have had a really difficult time and I empathize with their experience. I was extremely tired and nauseous but never got sick. The nausea was a little trying at times because it would happen in waves like a roller coaster. The moment the nausea would dissipate, I would run to stuff my face.


As far as cravings go, I had one week where I craved gummy colas and that was it. Mostly I just disliked the sight of any animal protein and had a hard time even seeing it on the table.


I was able to continue to exercise throughout my first trimester and I have to tell you, I think that movement was key in my not actually getting sick. For those of you who can, I recommend that you move as much as possible.


I was not showing (thanks to being tall) and I was able to go out on interviews without anyone being the wiser. As far as clothing is concerned, I was able to wear all of my regular clothes so nothing changed there.

Pregnancy Update

The Second Trimester


I heard and read many times over that you regain your energy in your second trimester, all lies. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t going into an office everyday but I would get up and go workout, then come home and sit on the couch for two hours playing on my phone or napping. My second trimester was also interesting because halfway through we left for our honeymoon and we were gone for three weeks in Israel, Italy, Spain and France. At the end of our first week of travel in Israel, I started to feel the baby kick which was a mind altering experience. Now the baby kicks every hour (even when I’m trying to sleep) and I am convinced that it’s just preparing itself for hockey checks or triple lutzs. At the end of 18 weeks it started to feel like I had a bowling ball on my stomach if I laid on my back so from them on, I always sleep on my side.


With that itinerary you can imagine how excited I was to be endeavoring on an eating extravaganza through Europe. I had just the perfect excuse, too. I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever I want. Unfortunately, I have had this recurring problem where when I eat large meals or I eat too many carbs that I get a horrible stomachache that doesn’t go away until the next day. So still no cravings and my body was putting me on a self-imposed diet when I had plans of a no carb left behind vacation.


We walked A LOT in Europe. It varied on actual travel days but the days we were in each city, we would walk a minimum of 5 miles. Even though we didn’t workout in a gym, we were getting plenty of movement while we were gone. Once we got back, I got right back into my regular Pilates routine and I continue to go about 3 times a week now. When we can, my husband and I will hike on Saturdays. I bought a fitbit early on because my doctor said that I can’t raise my heart rate above 150. So we monitor that very closely when we go up the canyon and it now takes us twice as long to complete the hike. All good though, I’m just happy I’m still able to do it.


Just before we left for Europe I bought a few flowy dresses because everyone kept telling me I was going to pop while we were gone. That didn’t happen. While I was happy that my body hadn’t changed much (meaning less work post-natal), it was a double edged sword. It’s kind of sad to be pregnant and not get the benefits of it because nobody could tell. It wasn’t until about 22 1/2 weeks that I started to show and even then my husband said it just looked like had gas. Starting with week 25 it was obvious that I was pregnant and it’s great that my body outside matches what I’m feeling inside. I’m still wearing my regular jeans but I just do the hair tie trick to close them. I wear oversized shirts and when it’s hot outside I have a few dresses that I have had for years that still fit or I have the flowy dresses I bought just before our vacation.

We are excited to finally find out the sex of our baby and will be doing a gender reveal with our families this coming weekend. I am convinced it’s a boy and will be shocked if it’s not but we will find out in just a few days. What do you think it is?


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