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Monaco Travel Diary

Monaco-Travel-Diary When I got back from vacation, I debated posting pictures from our trip since it was such a personal journey that I took with my boyfriend. However, people keep asking to see pix and since
the point of this site is all about sharing, here they are.

Our trip was broken into segments: Monte Carlo-Monaco, Aix En Provence, Sardinia and Tuscany. People have asked what our favorite part of the trip was and I can’t pick. Each place was beautiful and special in its own way. I loved Monaco for its proximity to the water, rich historical buildings, touches of modern influences and the fashion meets car show that lives on the streets of Monte Carlo.
Here is a tiny glimpse of our time there…
Monaco-Travel-Diary-1 Monaco-Travel-Diary-2 Monaco-Travel-Diary-3



Monte-Carlo-Travel-1 Monte-Carlo-Travel-2



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