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How To: Glam Up IKEA Furniture

How To Glam Up Ikea Furniture
When I bought this piece of IKEA furniture, I needed something wide and high but with not too much depth.  After searching all over, a modular version of the BESTA IKEA cabinet was the best option.  However, I wasn’t going to allow this purchase to relegate me to having generic decor.  Over time, I have made modifications to completely make it my own.  Here are four simple things you can do to add seriously glam touches to a simple piece of IKEA furniture (or any plain piece of furniture, for that matter) without spending a fortune:

1. Enhance drawers or doors with custom hardware.  Ring pulls give furniture an istant lux look.  I was able to find these reasonably priced polished chrome ring pulls from lookintheattic.com for $16 each.  I used a screw driver and screws of varying sizes to steadily create a large enough hole to put the ring pulls in.  I decided not to use an electric drill because I wanted to be extra careful not to splinter the high gloss doors.

How To Glam Up Ikea Furniture

2. Customize the cabinet by using glass shelves or mirrors, or both.  IKEA has this INREDA glass insert, which was perfect for adding that upscale mirrored look, yet it didn’t fit the opening in the cabinet.  I brought the three insert pieces to my local glass store and they cut them for $10.  A small price to pay for some reflection.

3.  Add a wireless light to the bottom, back of each open shelf to illuminate the space (this prevents you from having to add holes to the piece to use wired lighting).

How To Glam Up Ikea Furniture

4. Use a piece of glass on top of the cabinet to gloss up the piece a bit (this works well for most wood pieces, especially a desk).  My motto when it comes to furniture is: sparkle and shine is always better and more fun.

How To Glam Up Ikea Furniture

A couple of notes for styling the cabinet: I don’t like electronics to show so my cable box and DVD player are underneath the cabinet, thanks to these chrome legs.  Unless you have an extraordinary antique piece of furniture (which generally means it doesn’t need customization and can handle heavy decoration), don’t over-style the piece by cluttering the space.  Make sure there is some space between each piece of decor on the cabinet.  Most of all and as always, Do You!

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